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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

April Showers Link

April Showers

Hi Guys Blogs are have been few and far between of late. Sorry for that. Work has been great but busy. I am now blogging weekly for 5pm.co.uk with my online Beauty Spot. I will now update you weekly on here with the links. Remember I am in The Sunday Mail every week too. Love Craig X http://www.5pm.co.uk/health-beauty/beauty-spot/

Friday, 9 March 2012

Bold Brows

Just browsing? .....well check out this weeks beauty page at 5pm. There is plenty of 'groom for improvement' when it comes to shaping and shading your brows


Sunday, 5 February 2012

Best Base - Like real skin.

I always shout about my favourite foundations. Estee Lauder Doublewear Light, Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation and Royal Effem's Longlasting Foundation to name a few. Recently I thought I'd try some others before introducing them into my kit but a lot didn't meet my criteria. Either too powdery, chalky, to sheer, they didn't last or the colour line up simply didn't cater.
Now I had tried Illamasqua's Skinbase Foundation when it first launched and loved it and that was that. Don't ask me why I didnt go back to it sooner. I don't even know where I put the samples. This was until yesterday. OMG. There they were in a box in my office.
Having used this on four very different skins at a job yesterday and each varying in tone, clarity and age, this product achieved the same in everyone. The finish is as fresh as you could imagine, coverage that deals with uneven tone and redness and a quality that kind of mimics skin. The 'Beauty Balm' revolution is massive and this falls into that category although I have to say not all are of the same level of performance. This one from Illamasqua has the same qualities and that little bit more. I'm glad this is called a foundation as it deserves to be so. This is unlike anything else out there and you can quote me on that!

£25.00 from Debenhams stores or at www.illamasqua.com

Spring Clean Your Skin

I've always had a thing for skincare. Cleanser, polishers, lotions and potions. You name it. I cant even put out my wheelie bin without wearing a serum. I have to say I have always been really impressed by No 7's skincare and like their suncare ranges they are not only well blended but are pitched at the right price too.
Their formulaes can rival some of the bigger brands and even the niche ranges too. We all have to remember that it isn't always the ingredients or the laboratories that bump up the unit price of a product. It comes down to everything like the consultants salaries, the fancy shop fits and the amount of units a company order of an item too. I am the first to admit I am pulled in by packaging and although it may look nice then there isn't any point if it doesn't do the job.

No 7's Beautiful Skin range launched at the end of January and I have been having a play. Let me just say it here and now. Their Melting Gel Cleanser is the BOMB!!!!With rosehip oil this gel melts into a nourishing oil to dissolve make up. Skin is left clean and smooth. £9.00

Also check out the Day Cream at £12.50. Available from Boots.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Take a peep!

Loving the retro feel and the fabulous formula of the NEW Peepshow Mascara from 17 @ Boots.
The pretty pink packaging and black lace design gives it a flirty fifties feel and perfect for any pin-up girl.
Now I've not usually been that impressed with some of 17's mascaras or liners in the past although I do love their shadows and primer. This mascara however surprised me. Enriched with lengthening fibres this coats lashes well without clogging but I also like the brush. No vibrating gadgets,gimmicks, shapes or combs. Just a good basic brush. Thank You Boots. £6.29